Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break Fun and Water Water Everywhere

It's Spring Break and the kids are at their grandparents.  So, what am I doing?

Revising a manuscript?
Researching my latest project?

Vi sleeping on 2013 Camp Journals
I'm getting Science Journals ready for the June 9-13 session of Science Time Summer Camp.  Each day the children add badges, coloring pages and even pictures of themselves to their Science Journals, creating a perfect memento of the week to bring home to the family.

Frodo(10 wks old) Summer Camp 2013
I am also tinkering with a water wheel project made out of plastic cups and cardboard. Next I'll start building Water Walls because Friday during camp is nothing but outside water fun. 

Spring Break is the perfect time to think about Summer.

We still have openings for Science Time Summer Camp in June if you have a curious little scientist on your hands.

Registration available at Lake Wylie Lutheran Preschool's website:

Questions:  Contact Ms. Peggy at

Stag Beatle, courtesy of Marin
There will be a micro zoo, an observation station, visits from Frodo (hedgehog), Julia (guinea pig), Sarah Jane (rabbit) and Rockbottom (box turtle) as well as tons of science fun, outdoor play and crafts.  Just look at this awesome schedule.

You're little scientist will need a nap when they get home.  And isn't that a good thing? 

Science Time Summer Camp, June 9-13
Water Water Everywhere

Hawk Moth, 2013 Micro Zoo
Day 1:  All About Water
    Molecules and Mixtures
    Water Cycle
    Sink or Float
    Observation Station:  Dipolar Rainbow
Day 2:  Pond and Lake
    Tadpoles and Frogs
    Fish Printing
    Observation Station: Meet the Micro Zoo
Day 3:  Rivers
    Rivers are Habitats
    Observation Station:  Water Wheel
Day 4:  Ocean
    Submarines and     Jelly Fish
    Blue Whales
    Observation Station:  Salt Water Density
Day 5:  Water Fun
    Paint with ice cubes
    Water Tower
    Bubble Paint 

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