Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meet Our Staff: Ms. Peggy

During summer camp last year, Ms. Peggy read "Cecily the Cicada" to the children then took them out to the playground.

Nature provided a magic moment when one of the children immediately noticed a cicada emerging.

We always tell the children "It's not magic, it's science!" but that day was a little of both. 

Ms. Peggy is the voice behind our e-mail, the book keeper, the summer camp director and the official Jiminy Cricket of Science Time.

"No, Ms. Kristen, I don't think we should give the kids air cannons again," says Ms. Peggy.

"Why don't we simplfy that bug model some more," says Ms. Peggy.  "Do we really need to include every spiracle and pedipalp?"

"Let's not send the kids home with live lady bugs," says Ms. Peggy.

However, once a year Ms. Peggy lets her hair down.  At the end of October she dons a black and white wig, pulls a lab coat from the back of her closet and becomes Dr. Peggy Potions.

Using the contents of Ms. Kristen's lunch box, Dr. Peggy Potions performs amazing acts of science to the delight and merriment of the kids.

The Dr. Peggy Potions class is part of our weekly after school program.

Science Time After School is a one hour science class taught by two instructors with a maximum of 20 students.  1/3 of the proceeds goes directly to the preschool.

Parents like that extra hour where we channel their child's energy and curiosity while doing some direct fundraising for the school.

To learn more, email Ms. Peggy at or call Ms. Kristen at 803-207-9372

Stay tuned as we introduce the rest of our staff and share some science fun.

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