Saturday, April 12, 2014

Meet Our Staff: Ms. Kristen

I was voted to be the voice behind the blog because when I'm not teaching Science Time I am a children's writer and random blogger at the Garden of Good Intentions (

Blogging about Science Time for kids and their parents is a totally fun project that I know I will enjoy once I get past this awkward task of introducing myself. 

Ms. Kristen is the other half of the Science Time teaching team and her unofficial title is critter wrangler.  The quadruped staff and the Micro Zoo live at her house. 

If the weather is nice, you can find Ms. Kristen outside looking for bugs, snails and frogs, launching paper rockets, testing new projects or backpacking with her family.

Kristen loves Pinterest (feel free to follow me, Kristen Gurri) but always ends up putting a Science Time twist on the crafts.  If your child has brought home a bug model made out of cereal boxes with obsessively detailed cut outs, then you understand.

Ms. Kristen is also the driving force behind some of the messier outside activities that go on during our Summer Camps in June and August at Lake Wylie Lutheran Preschool.  

Summer Camp is Ms. Kristen's favorite time of the year because she gets to do all the great projects that just don't fit in the one hour after school format.  9 out of 10 parents just don't appreciate wet paint and drippy glue in the family car. 

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