Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sarah Jane's Big Debut

Meet Sarah Jane, the newest member of the Science Time staff.

She is a two year old rabbit who needed a new home and more space to play.  Now she has a double story hutch, a job and a new best friend named Julia the Guinea Pig.

Life is good for Sarah Jane. 

Yesterday she made her Science Time debut during our weekly after school/extended stay program at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Preschool in Charlotte. 

This week is our Beetlemania class.  Nothing but Choleoptera.   But this was the last class before Easter due to Spring Break and we couldn't think of a better time for Sarah Jane's debut.

Look at her ears.  She is alert but not scared.  Rabbits are almost silent.  A few grunts and thumps.  Mostly it is their ears that do the talking, like a pair of signal flags. 

She is wearing a harness and leash just in case she got scared and tried to run.  Rabbits have very brittle spines and their back legs are so strong that they can actually hurt themselves if they struggle to get away.

Sarah Jane was cool as a cucumber, snuggled in her favorite blanket as the children came up to pat her during role call.  She even did a happy dance when she got home and told Julia all about it. 

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